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Studying at Shizuoka University

Information for incoming Doctor’s degree students

Doctor’s course in Shizuoka University widely offers study opportunities for students from foreign countries. A lot of international students are already studying and doing research in our university. If you are interested in studying at our university, please apply in accordance with the following procedure. For more detail, please visit Shizuoka University Doctoral graduate school website.

1. Contact the prospective supervisor whom you receive academic advice from.

The Graduate School of Science and Technology consists of 5 departments.

Please refer the list of academic staff and contact the prospective supervisor beforehand.
If you need advice to choose the supervisor, please contact this email address;oskobay(please add “” after @)
You had better discuss your study plan with the supervisor before your admission.

2. Choose your status from the following options.

When you apply for the admission, you need to decide the status. There are three kinds of status for international students.

(1) Japanese Government Scholarship Students

Application deadline: December in the previous year
Entrance examination: February
Notification of acceptance: June
Enrollment: October

The admission fee and tuition will be exempt and you will receive scholarship for three years from Japanese government. The dormitory (International Residence) is available for the first year except the case that all rooms are fully occupied.
To be adopted as a Japanese Government Scholarship Students (JGSS) is competitive. However, the Departments of “Nanovision Technology” and “Optoelectronics and Nanostructure Science” have the priority to adopt totally five JGSS every year, so the students who major those courses have the higher probability of receiving scholarship.

(2) Self-supported Students

Application deadline: December in the previous year
Entrance examination: February
Notification of acceptance: March
Enrollment: April

Application deadline: July
Entrance examination: August
Notification of acceptance: September
Enrollment: October

You will pay admission fee, tuition and living expenses by yourself. You may live in the dormitory (International Residence) for the first year if the rooms are not fully occupied. The accommodation fee of the dormitory is about one-forth of the private apartments.

(3) DDP students

Please discuss pre-enrollment schedule with your supervisor. Double Degree Special Program enables the students to obtain two kinds of doctoral degrees which are conferred by Shizuoka University and home university. For enrollment as DDP student, the home university and Shizuoka University must have already concluded not only University agreement but memorandum of DDP.

Moreover, your current supervisor and prospective supervisor in Shizuoka University must discuss the study and research plan prior to your application. Once you meet these conditions, you can apply for DDP, and you will have a priority of receiving scholarship.


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